Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things I do

So, I had planned this post to be a quick follow up to Things I don't do, but it's taken a bit longer to get back around to this subject. So, without further ado (and since I know you've all been waiting impatiently for it) here is my Things I Do list:

1. Let Tommy watch TV - It's usually Disney or PBS and is somewhat educational. But I don't limit it to just 30 minutes a day. Maybe I should, but I really don't think it's frying his brain. Seriously, he's 3 and he's already spelling and reading - and some of that came from watching WordWorld on PBS everynight before bed. I think his brain is fine. He gets plenty of physical exercise too, so we're all good.

2. Wash dishes 2-3 times a day - Seriously, how do 3 people make so many dishes? I do hate to clean, but I can't stand letting a sink-full of dirty dishes sit there.

3. Let the animals sleep on the bed - I'm cold, they're warm, enough said. Plus, you try kicking 3 cats and a dog off in the middle of the night.

4. Let the dog on the couch - We actually bought the couch in a color to match his hair. We all have our own chairs, and rarely ever sit on the couch. The couch is his. We do clean the hair off and febreeze it when we're having company over, but otherwise it's his.

5. Sing along to the radio - Loudly. Mostly in key. It makes me happy. Unfortunately it doesn't usually make Tommy happy. Sometimes he tells me "Stop singing, Mommy!" Sigh :(

6. Dance in surgery - We always have the radio playing when we're doing surgery. Sometimes a good song comes on and I have to move around a little. I never compromise my patient or surgical field, but sometimes you just have to boogie!

7. Let Tommy use me like a jungle gym - Who needs exercise classes when you've got a toddler? We chase each other, he crashes into me, he climbs my back, I hold his hands while he walks up my legs and flips over, he leaps off his bed into my arms. My muscles are in great shape, but my joints didn't used to make these noises...

8. Skip meals - Somestimes I just get busy and forget. If Sam's home I'll make a meal for the 2 of us, but if it's just me and Tommy I'll usually feed him and then get busy and just snack. I'm better than I used to be, but sometimes I'll still look up at 2pm and wonder if I ate breakfast or lunch that day.

9. Avoid confrontations - Like the plague. I hate to make people upset. Especially upset at me. So I try to fix problems without actually talking to people about them. No, it doesn't work that well. And I'm trying to get better about getting things out in the open. But old habits (fears?) die hard.

10. Speak sarcasm as a second (sometimes first) language - What, you mean everyone doesn't? So, you expect me to NOT be sarcastic? Right, that's going to happen. Good luck with that.

11. Read fast. Like 1-2 books a day. May God bless whoever invented Kindle and the Kindle app.

12. Procastinate - Um, did you see how long it took me to write this follow up post?

13. Love my iPhone - Seriously, what did I do without this thing? It's a phone, a calculator, a flashlight, a computer, a child entertainer, an alarm clock, a book, a child entertainer, a map, a game device, a child entertainer (oh, did I say that one already?).

14. Have an iPhone for my 3 year old - Technically, it's more of an iPod touch. It's Sam's old phone, and it's not connected to phone service or the internet. And it's only got kid apps on it. And it's in this fancy Fisher Price iPhone holder. And he loves it. He doesn't use it every day, sometimes he'll go days without us giving it to him. But if he's really cranky, or if we need him to sit still at a restaurant or in the car, it's a lifesaver. And it's pretty amazing to watch a 3 year old navigate that thing.

So those are some of the things I do that most of you may not have known about. I hope you know me just a little bit better now :)

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