Friday, March 9, 2012

For Real

So, the theme this month at Mom Colored Glasses is organization. My organizational style is a bit hidden. As in no one can tell I'm organized. I organize in piles. And closets stuffed with stuff. And random items placed in random places that I may or may not remember later.

My fellow MCGer Maggie has started "For Real Fridays" on her blog. Basically she's showing us a glimpse into how things really are behind the scene at her house, since most of the time when we show pictures our blogs they are carefully cropped to show only the pretty side of our homes.

So, in the spirit of For Real Fridays and organization, I give you my pantry.

A jumble of boxes, bags, and "ready for avalanche" piles of food. I've been perusing some organization pins on Pinterest, and I had a few ideas. So, I bought a few baskets and started working. Mostly, I opened up boxes and am now storing granola bars, cereal bars, and cracker packs together instead of in their own boxes. Same thing goes for instant oatmeal and hot chocolate packets. It wasn't a huge change, but it's working. I need more baskets, but at least it's better.

And this is all the boxes and empty candy containers that I was then able to recycle!

 And, since I was on a roll, I reorganized 2 shelves in my hall linen closet. I didn't get a before shot, but believe me, this looks better :)

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