Saturday, November 5, 2011

"My Best Friend Mommy"

I have the most adorable child ever. No really, I do, and no one can convince me otherwise. You want proof? Here are a few examples then.

I'll start with today. We're trying to do the potty training thing. We recently started putting Cheerios in the potty for him to aim at. He loves this. Not because he likes to actually hit them with his TT, but because he likes to talk to them. This afternoon, after we put 7 of the little Os in the potty, he knelt down and counted them, then I heard "Hello, Cheerios. I'm Tommy Frederick." This is the first time I've even heard him say our last name, much less use it as his own, and I just about lost it laughing when I heard him introduce himself to cereal that was floating in the toilet bowl.

Not convinced yet? OK, this one's from a few days ago. Tommy had a second set of tubes put in his ears. We had to leave the house at 5:30am to get to the hospital on time. It went well and we were home by about 8:45. Despite the early rise time, and the anesthesia and surgery, Tommy was not tired all day long. There was no napping to be done. Then we left to go pick up Daddy at work. He wanted to wear his Alabama hat, so he put it on backwards and headed to the car. Five minutes down the road I looked in the rear-view mirror and he had turned it back around, pulled it over his eyes, and was fast asleep. The next red light I stopped at I just had to take a picture of the cuteness.

Still not a believer? Here's the big gun. For the past two years I've been trying to get Tommy to say "I love you." We say it to him and each other all the time. He'd give hugs, but only occasionally would say the words. Then, about a month ago, he was eating a snack in the kitchen while I was doing something in the other room. I heard him call for me and I went in to see what he needed. He wrapped me up in a huge hug and said "My best friend, Mommy. I love you!" I just about started crying there in the kitchen. I know that as he gets older I'll be replaced as best friend, but for now, I'm soaking it up. At least once a day now I'm dubbed "Best Friend Mommy" instead of just regular Mommy, and I love.

I don't care what anyone says, my little man is the most adorable child ever. I'll end today's blog with more pictures to prove my point.



  1. Well said. I can take not being "Best Friend Daddy" when I see how much he loves you. You're such a great mommy!